Verdun, Tomorrow’s Machine Today, We don’t talk about love, Cheaptoys and more

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Hi zine friends, have just added the following to the shop:

  • Verdun and Cheaptoys #16 from Giz
  • Tomorrow’s Machine Today #4 from Emma D, and Guest Informant #1 from Emma D and Luke You
  • More copies of the excellent We don’t talk about love we only wanna get drunk, and a zine about making Cheap Cocktails for fundraiser bars, from Lou

And a little white ago we updated the shop with:

  • A new issue of Plastic Knife
  • Self-Conscious Selfishness, a beautiful comic from Alice Kazam
  • Secret World, a found poem by Emma D

And A walk Around Pendle Hill and Tomorrow’s Machine Today #2 are back in stock!

You can also buy You Need To Practice More recordings directly from the Take Care site. YNTPM is a mini record label releasing bedroom recordings, rough takes and other interesting and experimental music.

As promised, new titles


New in stock today:

  • Omnia Sunt Communia (image above). A new comic about class and colonisation by Emma D
  • Little Rituals. A tiny but powerful zine about rituals, magic and self care by Miss Helen
  • Careers in Retail badge sets. Bulk badge set by notorious art recalcitrants Dexter Fletcher
  • Sissy Blvd. Mini queer comic anthology from four of your fav famous Melbourne comix peeps
  • Saying Goodbye in the Rain. Mekons inspired writing from Emma and Tim, of Take Care (yeah, us!)
  • I Wear Your Clothes Like Armour. New collaborative zine about Throwing Muses from Vanessa and Chiara
  • Thomas the Human Photocopier. User manual for the world’s sweetest photocopier
  • This is Water. A2 size risographed comic poster by Katie Parrish

and last but certainly not least: Love Truth and Honesty: Chorus Fade Out.The third and final instalment of Pablo’s brilliant zine on Bananarama and fandom. Let’s hope there’s a comeback edition…

Beirut Zine Fair

We received an email from some folks who are organising a zine fair in Beirut, Lebanon on 18 June. We’d love to be able to go, but unfortunately it’s not likey to happen. Here’s the callout, in case anyone reading this is interested.

They’re also interested in building a collection of zines at a new DIY space, ARTSCAPE. Full in the submission form and send them your stuff!

Zine love and solidarity from Sydney to Beirut, and everywhere in between (and beyond!)