Updating time again. Over the last couple of months we’ve added a whole lot of new zines, and I’ve just about updated all of the descriptions for them. I have, blessed be, a whole week off work so It shouldn’t be too long before the whole site’s once again up to date. Not that that will mean much, because in a few weeks we’ll no doubt have a million more zines to add and everything will be in disarray, again.

I assume that, anyway, because we have decided, after a bit of umming and ahhing that we are going to go to the TINA zine fair this year. Some of you may have been privy to the saga that, finally, resulted in tables at the fair being offered to zinesters for free this year. If not, the gist of things can be found in various threads on the Zines Aus list, but basically, if you want a table get in touch with Eloise Quinlivan (quinlivan.e [at] gmail [dot] com) to reserve a spot.

In addition to having a stall at the fair I’ve got some work in an exhibition at TINA called Secret Newcastle, more details of that will be on my blog when as they come to hand.

Speaking of my blog, I’ve just put a post up about giving away part of my zine collection. I have too many zines to cope with so they’re free to whoever is willing to pay for the postage. Check out my blog for details, and please pass on to anyone that might be interested. Thanks!



First Library

Those who love libraries as much as we do will be pleased to know that there’s a mini-zine fair at Manly Library this Saturday in conjunction with the Manly Arts Festival. There will also be a free zine workshop with Vanessa Berry. Call the library for details. We’ll be there too!

Second Library

If that wasn’t enough, Black Rose have kindly agreed to share a selection of their amazing zine library with those coming to the Snapdragon Zine Fair. I wonder how many folks who make zines are already aware of Black Rose? Well, if you don’t know, the various incarnations of the Black Rose collective have been operating a volunteer run library for over 25 years. During this time they have  amassed what is probably one of Australia’s largest accessible  zine collections. If you have an interest in zines and want to learn more about them you should come and say hello on Sunday.

Take Care at the Jurassic Lounge…

Join us at the Jurassic Lounge at the Australian Museum on August 23 (next Tues) from 5:30 for a zine workshop. Cost of entry to the museum is $15, but that includes a free drink and opportunity to engage in all the Jurassic Lounge activities. We’ll be making tiny zines for the Snapdragon Zine Pinata! More info here. Thanks to Clare from The Bower for inviting us to host the workshop!







Take Care will be at the Canberra zine fair, next weekend!

Here are all the details, from the ACT Writers Centre website:

10am-4pm Saturday 9 April

Presented by the ACT Writers Centre and Canberra Contemporary Arts Space. Includes zines, artwork, badges, buttons, t-shirts, great designs as well as cupcakes! This event is part of the ‘A Fair with Art’ Saturday markets at Gorman House to be held during National Youth Week.

Cost: Free
Venue: Canberra Contemporary Art Space, Gorman House Arts Centre, 55 Ainslie Avenue, Braddon
Bookings: No bookings required. Enquiries on 6262 9191.

Last year’s fair was really great, so if you’re in Canberra or able to get there we highly recommend it. Vanessa Berry will be conducting a zine work shop on the day. You need to book in advance to attend that, so direct all inquiries to the number above, or checkout the ACT Writers Centre website for more details.

Edit: Site updated today! We have issues of Doris zine back in stock! That’s Doris #21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26 and 27 (Thanks to Cindy’s enormous generosity these issues are priced 50c cheaper than when we had previously listed them. Thank you Cindy!) and copies of the wonderfully amazing, amazingly wonderful Doris zine anthology. Unfortunately, we have no copies of the latest issue, issue #28, of Doris yet, but we’ll get onto that soooooon… Also, we have added newish issues of Culture Slut (in the time it took for surface mail to get from Canada to Australia Amber made another issue): there’s another beautiful, full colour polaroid edition (Culture Slut #23) as well as the previous issue (#22), and the latest issue (#5) of Fight Boredom, extolling the joys of feminism, DIY culture and girl love. Usual disclaimer: there are no descriptions yet, but we’re working on them.

Yeow, we will be taking all these zines with us to the fair on Saturday, so watch out, Canberra.

Yesterday a stack of back issues of the wonderful Fanzine Ynfytyn arrived. Fanzine Ynfytyn is by UK zine maker, photographer and general doer of things Emma Jane Falconer. She writes light-hearted zines full of favourites lists, amusing anecdotes and gentle witticisms. Descriptions, as usual, will take a few days to get up, but in the meantime just believe us when we say they’re worth your time (as is Egeszsegedre!, another of Emma’s zines, about travelling to Hungary).

We’ve also added another page to the catalogue called ‘Other things to buy’ which is where, (you guessed it) things that aren’t zines will be relegated from now on, including Emma Jane Falconer’s haiku ode to Ernest Hemingway postcard and the Church of Hysteria’s CD and EP. We should say maybe that while we do want to keep the focus of the distro on zines, it being a zine distro and all, if you are a zine maker and happen to make something that you think might be of interest to us – things that started as zines and mutated into something else, very DIY music projects etc – do consider getting in touch if you’re looking for distribution.

Likewise, if you have or know of any upcoming zine related events or call-outs and would like us to advertise them on this here blog we’re very happy to, just get in touch: takecarezines@gmail.com.

Below is the flyer for an upcoming exhibition in Melbourne which features zine makers and other interesting folks. The Church of Hysteria (go to the ‘T’ page of the catalogue to see there CD and record) are playing on the opening night amid a bunch of other performances. We wish we could go, but alas, we are 1000 kilometres away. So if you’re in Melbourne, please go on our behalves.

More new stuff! More new stuff!

Dammit, we’re on fire.

Some of the zines we mentioned in the last post have arrived, have been priced, bundled into plastic sleeves and slipped lovingly into our tub of zine-stock, ready for you to order. They are: Rhetorical #4 and Outshine the Sun #2, Indie Kids #1 and one that we forgot to mention before, Old Memory, a follow-up to Village Ghosts, with more beautiful collage, quotes and hazy childhood memories. Each copy comes with a different found photograph, such as this:

We received confirmation yesterday that we’ve got a table at the MCA zine fair, which is a fair while away but exciting nonetheless, as the organisers have this year heeded last year’s concerns that, despite being sold to The Unknowing Public as a ‘zine fair’, the nature of the application process (i.e. first in, first served) was such that only a few zine makers could actually get tables, the rest being used to hock crafty knick-knacks, art magazines etc. Not that there’s anything wrong with the latter, of course, but I personally think that if you’re gonna call something a zine fair it should, primarily, feature zines, unless you want to unintentionally alienate people who actually feel like they belong to the zine making community. Or perhaps I’m just a tedious hippy. Anyway, massive props to the organisers this year for screening applications so that zine makers and their ilk get a better showing. Hopefully that’s what the result will be and I’m not being stupidly optimistic. I don’t know what the deal is if you missed out on a table, but I’m sure there’ll be some discussion on the zines-aus google group  if people are in need of sharing (perhaps you could even start that discussion). Oh yes, it’s on the 22nd of May, ages away.

Another thing I’m looking froward to: Tim just sent me a text to alert me that this week’s issue of YOU has arrived and it’s a booklet all about The Fall’s recent gig in Melbourne. My heart is fluttering in anticipation. Are there any other Fall obsessives out there in Australian zine land? Maybe we should make a Fall fanzine, the world probably needs one. I, at the very least, need one.

Yours for now and probably again sooner rather than later, as I’m going to write some zine descriptions today or tomorrow,

Emma D

EDIT – I wasn’t lying. The catalogue is now totally updated. The following have had descriptions added: Old Memory, Sex Industry Apologist, Fern Zine, Plastic Knife #6/Black Paint Gold Wire #8, Indie Kids #1, The Church of Hysteria – Of a Photocopy, Rhetorical #4, Outshine the Sun #2, The Plural of Deer is Deer.

All written while listening to The Church of Hysteria’s ‘Of a Photocopy’ CD, which is pretty excellent, I must say, and Mission of Burma, who have always been excellent. But you knew that.