More new stuff! More new stuff!

Dammit, we’re on fire.

Some of the zines we mentioned in the last post have arrived, have been priced, bundled into plastic sleeves and slipped lovingly into our tub of zine-stock, ready for you to order. They are: Rhetorical #4 and Outshine the Sun #2, Indie Kids #1 and one that we forgot to mention before, Old Memory, a follow-up to Village Ghosts, with more beautiful collage, quotes and hazy childhood memories. Each copy comes with a different found photograph, such as this:

We received confirmation yesterday that we’ve got a table at the MCA zine fair, which is a fair while away but exciting nonetheless, as the organisers have this year heeded last year’s concerns that, despite being sold to The Unknowing Public as a ‘zine fair’, the nature of the application process (i.e. first in, first served) was such that only a few zine makers could actually get tables, the rest being used to hock crafty knick-knacks, art magazines etc. Not that there’s anything wrong with the latter, of course, but I personally think that if you’re gonna call something a zine fair it should, primarily, feature zines, unless you want to unintentionally alienate people who actually feel like they belong to the zine making community. Or perhaps I’m just a tedious hippy. Anyway, massive props to the organisers this year for screening applications so that zine makers and their ilk get a better showing. Hopefully that’s what the result will be and I’m not being stupidly optimistic. I don’t know what the deal is if you missed out on a table, but I’m sure there’ll be some discussion on the zines-aus google group  if people are in need of sharing (perhaps you could even start that discussion). Oh yes, it’s on the 22nd of May, ages away.

Another thing I’m looking froward to: Tim just sent me a text to alert me that this week’s issue of YOU has arrived and it’s a booklet all about The Fall’s recent gig in Melbourne. My heart is fluttering in anticipation. Are there any other Fall obsessives out there in Australian zine land? Maybe we should make a Fall fanzine, the world probably needs one. I, at the very least, need one.

Yours for now and probably again sooner rather than later, as I’m going to write some zine descriptions today or tomorrow,

Emma D

EDIT – I wasn’t lying. The catalogue is now totally updated. The following have had descriptions added: Old Memory, Sex Industry Apologist, Fern Zine, Plastic Knife #6/Black Paint Gold Wire #8, Indie Kids #1, The Church of Hysteria – Of a Photocopy, Rhetorical #4, Outshine the Sun #2, The Plural of Deer is Deer.

All written while listening to The Church of Hysteria’s ‘Of a Photocopy’ CD, which is pretty excellent, I must say, and Mission of Burma, who have always been excellent. But you knew that.

How damn exciting: checked the PO box today and the latest issue of Plastic Knife zine has arrived! Issue #6 is a split with Black Paint Gold Wire #8 and is, as usual, a lovely wedge of obscure ziney goodness: weird ideas for art projects/short films, apparently random clippings from trashy magazines and newspapers, scraps of things that look like they were picked up off the side of the road, all given an air of profundity by their purposeful placement within the sturdy, utilitarian covers of the zine. More ideas than you can shake a heavy-duty stapler at. We’ve only got 6 copies so get in quick (obviously, we can get more copies when we run out, but if I say that it doesn’t really convey the appropriate sense of urgency).

Ok, also exciting is the knowledge that any day now we could check the PO box and the following will be lying in wait for us:

Rhetorical #4 and Outshine the Sun #2 (more cut n paste, musical musings and scratchy pen drawing radness from Chiara), Indie Kids #1 (a comic poking fun at indie kids, possibly from the perspective of an indie kid – the author seems to know too much), The Church of Hysteria‘s new recording titled ‘Of a Photocopy’, feat. such luminaries as Lou Smith and a drummer called Pigfucker, Sex Industry Apologist (still), a whole stack of zines from Emma Jane Falconer, she who has stuff to do with the Brighton Zine Fair and writes the hilarious/wonderful Fanzine Ynfytyn, and finally, more copies/issue of Culture Slut from Amber in Canada which will take a while, unfortunately, but will surely be worth the wait!

In the meantime, get a copy of Plastic Knife #6, and remember, all orders receive a copy of the Take Care Zine Distro Zine for free.

Just did a little update:

New zine in the catalogue – The Plural of Deer is Deer. And coming soon – Fergus #24 + 25, Sex Industry Apologist (still waiting to have the price confirmed on the latter).

Hello to our comrades at the Sticky Institute and all who are down in Melbourne to celebrate the I Am Typewriter festival. We couldn’t go, obviously, mainly because Emma has a show on at the moment (read about it here). But we will be having a stall on the 20th of February at Stucco (or in the park across the street if it’s a nice day), as part of the Anarchist Summer School. I’m assuming that you don’t have to identify as an anarchist to attend, so bring yourselves and your zines!

Anarchist Summer School Zine Fair

197-207 Wilson St, Newtown (Stucco)

3:30-6 or later, Sunday 20th Feb

BYO picnic blanket/table/zine hocking facilities

In other news, we finished making our first little newsletter zine, the Take Care Zine Distro Zine (explanation for laborious title included within). Here’s what it looks like:

If you have ever ordered from us or stocked your zine with us you should expect to see one in your letter box soon. If you don’t receive one it means that for some reason we haven’t got your address on file, so drop us a line and we’ll fix you up. Otherwise they will be inserted into every order we receive from now on. Aiming to make this a bi-yearly, possibly quarterly thing, let’s see how we go.

New Zines! New Year?

Hello again! We’ve just added a few new zines to the site as promised.

Love letters to monsters #3/Alabama grrrl #9, Ladybeard (back in stock), Ladybeard #2: Transhairstorical, Bangor

While I’m at it, apologies to anyone who trekked out to Earlwood on the weekend hoping to catch us at the DIY Market. We had to cancel at the last minute due to the aforementioned crisis.

Now on a more positive note Little Boy (see below) has been working hard putting together a list of his favourite zines for 2010. You can check it out here.

Once again a BIG thank you to everyone who wrote us letters or emails  throughout the year, we really appreciate the effort you guys have made in getting in contact. And it’s been really great meeting folks through correspondance or zine fairs. Hopefully we’ll see some of you again in 2011. And lastly thank you to everyone whose zines we stock. We love you. See you in the new year!

Take Care will be tabling at next Saturday’s NGA zine fair (Canberra), organised by Sticky to coincide with the exhibition Space Invaders, a street art exhibition that also includes a bunch of zines.

We be taking down quite a few new zines that we haven’t had a chance to put online yet. It is exciting, believe us.


The lovely Emma Markala has very kindly offered to take a few issues of Village Ghosts, Tomorrow’s Machine Today and Nearly Healthy to TINA with her next weekend, so we will have a small presence at the zine fair after all. She’ll also have copies of her brand new zine Tower of Journal – make sure you check it out, because it’s very fine indeed.

As promised, today we’ve done a lot of work on the catalogue, and site in general.

Most exciting: we now do international orders! If you’re ordering from outside Australia it’s now really easy, just refer to the postage charts when you’ve chosen what zines you want.

The following zines have just been added to the catalogue:

Fergus #23/Love Like Pop #7 split; Fergus #20; Disposable Camera (Slippery Dip); Village Ghosts; Come Back (home to me); Robot Etiquette; Ampersand After Ampersand #3; Tomorrow’s Machine Today #1

And the following have (finally) had their descriptions added:

Department of Forgiving; Chiaroscuro #4; Disposable Camera (Bunny); I Am My Cat’s Keeper; Nearly Healthy

Descriptions still to come:

I am a Camera #14

We’ve also updated the submissions page. Please check it out before you send us zine submissions. Thanks!

Thanks everyone who came along to the Manly Library mini zine fair last Saturday! We like libraries, and librarians who like zines, and everyone else.

Unfortunately we’ve had to cancel our table at This Is Not Art this year, due to uni and work commitments. Bummer. However, that leaves us a lot of time to prepare for the National Gallery of Australia (Canberra) zine fair that Sticky are organising to coincide with an exhibition (featuring zines) called Space Invaders in late October. More details as the date approaches.

We’ve set aside this coming Monday (13/09/10) to add the rapidly expanding pile of new zines and descriptions (see below) to the catalogue. You should look forward to that date, because we’ve been getting some good stuff. Until then,

xE & T

Latest zines:

Astronauts are not Excitable, Nearly Healthy, latest Disposable Camera, latest I am a Camera, Chiaroscuro #4 (plus awesome fabric edition), I am my Cat’s Keeper, The department of Forgiving. Descriptions still to come!

Coming soon:

Come Back (home to me), latest Ampersand after Ampersand, Village Ghosts, Tomorrow’s Machine Today, Fergus/Love Like Pop split, Robot Etiquette

Dust/Leopards in Leotards (mini flip comic A& £2)Tubetastic/Unicorns and Werewolves