Totally updated! We’re totally updated!

We finally got the internet working at our new house and had a spare day to sit down and add some things to the catalogue. Descriptions to come (yep, as usual), but check out all this new stuff:

The Church of Hysteria‘s ‘Unmastered’ CD!

New issue (#7) of Plastic Knife zine!

Three (#8, 9 & 10) great issues of Miss Helen’s excellent Fly Away Bird!

March Eighteen, in which Paul and Jessie spend a day at the Marrickville Metro and record the goings on thereof!

If Destroyed Still True, an excellent new zine about travelling in ‘Iraqi Kurdistan’ by Nine of Sex Industry Apologist fame!

I Know Everything, a zine providing documentary evidence of the daring but doomed scheme to remove Luke’s Big Chair from the Sticky Institute!

The first two issues of Virgin, a zine about…well, you can probably guess by the title. Issue#1 is the author’s own story and #2 is a compilation!

And finally, we have Watch Him Bleed #1 back in stock, plus issue #2 & 3. The latter is a split with Licking Stars off Ceilings #15!

Enough with the exclamation marks!?!

So, in other news, we now live a rather inconvenient 2 hours away from old faithful PO Box 4, but we’re not changing our address, as we’ll more than likely be back in the city in 6 months. But it is lovely up here in the Mountains, with all the stars and mist and parrots and the cafe owned by a cult and everything.

In more other news, as we’ve mentioned already, Tim, Vanessa and I are organising a zine fair, called the Snapdragon Zine Fair, which will be at the Red Rattler, 6 Faversham St Marrickville, on the 4th of September. Stalls are all booked out, but if you’d like to send zines for the Absent Zinesters table, or participate in the world’s first zine pinata (zinata), check out

Hi folks, just a heads up that Take Care is shutting down for a few days while we take a break from work in all its paid and unpaid varieties. The catalogue pages will be back up in a little over a week, with more zines added and a round up of interesting zine related news. So, as usual, stay tuned.

EDIT – 5th July

Ok, so the hiatus has taken a been a bit longer than expected, mostly because as soon as we came back from our holiday we decided to look for a new house and are currently in the process of packing up and moving from our flat in Enmore to the Blue Mountains. So it will take another week or two to get the catalgue fully up to date. Meanwhile, check out the zine fair we’re organising with Vanessa –

Back in stock:

The extraordinarily good Sing me to Sleep: An annotated bibliography of sad boy songs

The veritably marvellous Strange: Seven times with you

The exquisitely wonderful Love Like Pop #6

and the right properly excellent Hugh: Stories about whoring from an anarchist leaning, erotic, pseudo-neurotic homo

In fact, if you were just thinking to yourself that you need to read some zines full of fucking-bonkers-good writing, you’d not be disappointed if you ordered all of the above, no kidding.

Some shots of our table at the Canberra fair…

Tim successfully avoids being photographed, just after set up in Gorman house.

Later, some of the gallery staff came and took away a number of the tables, which they had apparently filched from somewhere without permission and had to return. The empty table next to us was reserved for Bird in the Hand distro, who did not, unfortunately, materialise. Presumably Susy learned that she’d be seated next to us and, aware of our legendary pugnacity (or perhaps pungency), decided against it.

In case you were wondering what goes on behind the table at a zine fair (legs and boxes/ bags of crap).

Later in the afternoon, Tim discovered that Emma’s scarf could be fashioned into a something not unlike an amusing, woollen breast.

Which, with slight alteration, could be turned into a serviceable, almost Taitlinesque, new hat for Emma. Note bags under eyes, result of waking up at 5 in the morning to get to Canberra in time for zine fair. The things we do for you, honestly.

We left shortly after this photo was taken, for reasons that are probably obvious.

Thanks again to everyone who came!

If you browse our catalogue you will notice that a lot of zines are marked ‘sold out’ in bold, alarming orange. That’s because we got pretty cleared out at yesterday’s zine fair in Canberra. We’re even running low on zines we got so recently that we haven’t been able to add descriptions to their catalogue listings yet. Thanks to everyone who came along, and to the organisers, and to people who stayed for a chat. It was a good day indeed.

So, we don’t know how long it will take to get the stuff we’ve sold out of restocked, or how many of them we’ll be able to get back in stock at all, so please bear with us and the ‘sold out’ labels while we figure that out: communication within the zine world, as you’re probably aware, is refreshingly slow paced and haphazard, so it could take a while. But we still have plenty of stuff to take to next month’s fair at the MCA (of which more later), so all’s good.

More soon…

Yesterday a stack of back issues of the wonderful Fanzine Ynfytyn arrived. Fanzine Ynfytyn is by UK zine maker, photographer and general doer of things Emma Jane Falconer. She writes light-hearted zines full of favourites lists, amusing anecdotes and gentle witticisms. Descriptions, as usual, will take a few days to get up, but in the meantime just believe us when we say they’re worth your time (as is Egeszsegedre!, another of Emma’s zines, about travelling to Hungary).

We’ve also added another page to the catalogue called ‘Other things to buy’ which is where, (you guessed it) things that aren’t zines will be relegated from now on, including Emma Jane Falconer’s haiku ode to Ernest Hemingway postcard and the Church of Hysteria’s CD and EP. We should say maybe that while we do want to keep the focus of the distro on zines, it being a zine distro and all, if you are a zine maker and happen to make something that you think might be of interest to us – things that started as zines and mutated into something else, very DIY music projects etc – do consider getting in touch if you’re looking for distribution.

Likewise, if you have or know of any upcoming zine related events or call-outs and would like us to advertise them on this here blog we’re very happy to, just get in touch:

More new stuff! More new stuff!

Dammit, we’re on fire.

Some of the zines we mentioned in the last post have arrived, have been priced, bundled into plastic sleeves and slipped lovingly into our tub of zine-stock, ready for you to order. They are: Rhetorical #4 and Outshine the Sun #2, Indie Kids #1 and one that we forgot to mention before, Old Memory, a follow-up to Village Ghosts, with more beautiful collage, quotes and hazy childhood memories. Each copy comes with a different found photograph, such as this:

We received confirmation yesterday that we’ve got a table at the MCA zine fair, which is a fair while away but exciting nonetheless, as the organisers have this year heeded last year’s concerns that, despite being sold to The Unknowing Public as a ‘zine fair’, the nature of the application process (i.e. first in, first served) was such that only a few zine makers could actually get tables, the rest being used to hock crafty knick-knacks, art magazines etc. Not that there’s anything wrong with the latter, of course, but I personally think that if you’re gonna call something a zine fair it should, primarily, feature zines, unless you want to unintentionally alienate people who actually feel like they belong to the zine making community. Or perhaps I’m just a tedious hippy. Anyway, massive props to the organisers this year for screening applications so that zine makers and their ilk get a better showing. Hopefully that’s what the result will be and I’m not being stupidly optimistic. I don’t know what the deal is if you missed out on a table, but I’m sure there’ll be some discussion on the zines-aus google groupĀ  if people are in need of sharing (perhaps you could even start that discussion). Oh yes, it’s on the 22nd of May, ages away.

Another thing I’m looking froward to: Tim just sent me a text to alert me that this week’s issue of YOU has arrived and it’s a booklet all about The Fall’s recent gig in Melbourne. My heart is fluttering in anticipation. Are there any other Fall obsessives out there in Australian zine land? Maybe we should make a Fall fanzine, the world probably needs one. I, at the very least, need one.

Yours for now and probably again sooner rather than later, as I’m going to write some zine descriptions today or tomorrow,

Emma D

EDIT – I wasn’t lying. The catalogue is now totally updated. The following have had descriptions added: Old Memory, Sex Industry Apologist, Fern Zine, Plastic Knife #6/Black Paint Gold Wire #8, Indie Kids #1, The Church of Hysteria – Of a Photocopy, Rhetorical #4, Outshine the Sun #2, The Plural of Deer is Deer.

All written while listening to The Church of Hysteria’s ‘Of a Photocopy’ CD, which is pretty excellent, I must say, and Mission of Burma, who have always been excellent. But you knew that.