Happy New Year! The 2nd anniversary sale begins today. Every $10 worth of zines you order gets you a zine for free, just write a few preferences in the ‘note to merchant’ field when checking outta paypal. Sale lasts all January or until we run out of zines… Thanks everyone for your support over the last two years!

Just made a small but significant improvement to the site: view cart buttons. Wow, I can’t believe how long it took to figure that out! Anyway, it’s easier to order zines now… try it.

Updates, SALE, zine workshops in Blacktown…

Happy festive season, good people. I have just spent this rainy afternoon adding a few things to the catalogue – two issues of Telegram Ma’am (#20 and 22), the latest Disposable Camera (all about Melbourne this time, featuring Vanessa’s most ambitious mind map to date) and the truly epic 4 disc making of YOU DVD box set. You’ll find that last one on the ‘other things to buy’ page.

Meanwhile, I have been busy working on a new Take Care Zine Distro Zine/Newsletter. It’ll be out as soon as I can get to Officeworks – by the end of the week, hopefully. Within it you will find a round-up of the year 2011 from our perspective, perched up here in the not so mountainous Blue Mountains above venal old Sydney Town.

The more observant among you – or those that have cared enough to pay attention (don’t worry if you didn’t – I hardly remembered myself, and last year I totally forgot) will note that the 1st of January marks Take Care’s second anniversary. Two years! How come we haven’t taken over the world yet? Ah, who cares. Anyway, we thought we should actually acknowledge this important acheivement in some way, so we have decided to do this thing we’ve heard rumours that people are into, we’ve decided to have a SALE, starting from the 1st of January. The rules of the sale are as follows, beneath the attention grabbing heading:


In the month of January with every $10 of zines you order you may nominate an additional zine to be added to your order, free of charge. (Orders over $20 get two, over $30 get three, you see the pattern.) Simply write the title of the zine you’d like in the ‘note to merchant’ field when checking out of paypal. Please list a couple of alternatives in case your first preference sells out. (If we happen to sell out of all your prefs we’ll pick a random zine for you – first in, first served.) Remember that the sale begins on the first of January, so keep yr hats on till then!

Also, in January I’m gonna be hosting a couple of zine workshops at Blacktown City Libraries. Here are the details:

Jan 10 – Stanhope Gardens library

Jan 12 – Mt Druitt library

and on Jan 18 Vanessa Berry will be hosting a workshop at Blacktown library

All workshops are from 1-3pm and are for 13 to 18 year olds, but if you’re a year of two older – or younger – you’re welcome to come too, but you must book by calling the relevent library. Check out the Blacktown Library website for more info.

The structure of the workshops that I’m doing will be a brief lowdown on what zines are and then an ideas brainstorming/zine making session – you can bring along stuff you’re already working on or try to make something from scratch (typewriter, collage materials, scissors, glue and photocopier provided) or just hang out and read some cool zines from my collection! To coincide with this I think they’re tying to organise a zine display in the library, too, but I’ll get back to you on that.

xE D

I’m feeling pretty damn proud of myself. Over the past week I have been working on a huge back log of zines that have been waiting to be put on the catalogue plus a whole lot of descriptions that have been needed to be written and I have finally FINALLY FINALLY finished!

NEW ZINES, in no particular order:


Juggling the Rainbow *

Love Like Pop #8

Owlzine #1 *

Owlzine #2 *

Motor City Kitty #16/Culture Slut #24

Tutu Mocha #1 *

Tutu Mocha #2 *

(A Part of) My Life in Lists *

To Praise is the Thing *

Songs of Protest #4 *

Scribbler #3 *

Chasing Hot Air Balloons #7 *

A Week in Review *

That’s 14 new zines in the catalogue. The ones marked with an asterisk (most of them, that is) were sent to us for the Absent Zinester Table at the Snapdragon zine fair back in Spetember. Thanks for sending us your zines guys!

Also, BACK IN STOCK we have:

Briefly, Birds

House (both also sent for the Snapdragon fair, thanks Tamara!)

Love Like Pop #6


Virgin #1

Virgin #2

For Strentgh & Valour

Here. In My Head. #9

Pieces #6

Les Liaisons Dangereuses

In The Flesh

Licking Stars of Ceilings #15/Watch Him Bleed #3

Watch Him Bleed #1

In total, I make that 26 zines that have been either added or had their details updated in the catalogue. I’m going to reward myself with an ice-cream now.

No wait – we have MORE ZINES (n things) COMING, too:

Telegram Ma’am #20

Telegram Ma’am #22

The making of YOU zine four disc DVD

And more, in all probability, given the rate of submissions we’re getting. If you have sent us a submission in the past week or two or three or more, please bear with us – I’m starting a new part time job that will involve training for two weeks full time, so we’re gonna be a extra busy for the next fortnight or so.

But keep ordering zines. Thank you.

Oh, and did you know we have a Facebook page? If you’re into that kinda thing, you should ‘like’ us…




5 new zines just added to the catalogue…

Les Liaisons Dangereuses, which contains a series of text messages that document a love affair;

In the Flesh, ‘a story in which the central figure is my anus. My lovely anus, both anatomical and sexual…';

Pieces #6, a zine from the States about commuting. It’s nice and long and wordy, which would actually make it very good company on a long commute;

Here. In My Head. #9, a perzine from the UK about feminism, technology, theology and more;

For Strentgh & Valour, a Melbourne zine full of photocopied diary entry style writing about zines, art, Survivor etc! (22/9/11 Edit: ‘Strength’ changed to ‘Strentgh’, with apologies to the zine’s author for missing the Mekonsesque joke in their title.)

Coming soon we have a stack of zines left over from the Snapdragon Zine Fair Absent Zinesters Table…

Alright, so the catalogue pages are back up but we sold out of heeeaaaaps of stuff yesterday, so just pay attention to the orange ‘sold out’ labels under item listings (we haven’t removed the paypal buttons because it’s too much work to put them back up again). Again, bear with us while we work out how much of this stuff we can actually restock. And look forward to the new zines we picked up yesterday.