5 new zines just added to the catalogue…

Les Liaisons Dangereuses, which contains a series of text messages that document a love affair;

In the Flesh, ‘a story in which the central figure is my anus. My lovely anus, both anatomical and sexual…';

Pieces #6, a zine from the States about commuting. It’s nice and long and wordy, which would actually make it very good company on a long commute;

Here. In My Head. #9, a perzine from the UK about feminism, technology, theology and more;

For Strentgh & Valour, a Melbourne zine full of photocopied diary entry style writing about zines, art, Survivor etc! (22/9/11 Edit: ‘Strength’ changed to ‘Strentgh’, with apologies to the zine’s author for missing the Mekonsesque joke in their title.)

Coming soon we have a stack of zines left over from the Snapdragon Zine Fair Absent Zinesters Table…

Alright, so the catalogue pages are back up but we sold out of heeeaaaaps of stuff yesterday, so just pay attention to the orange ‘sold out’ labels under item listings (we haven’t removed the paypal buttons because it’s too much work to put them back up again). Again, bear with us while we work out how much of this stuff we can actually restock. And look forward to the new zines we picked up yesterday.


Until we sort out the aftermath of yesterday’s MCA zine fair.

Thanks to everyone who came. More tales of the day to come.

Finally had a chance today to write some descriptions and do some updates:

Descriptions added: Fanzine Ynfytyn #9, 10, 12, 12.5, 13, 13.5; Egeszsegedre!; Culture Slut #22 and 23; Fight Boredom #5

Back in stock: Marrickville Pipes; Village Ghosts; Fairytales in the Supermarket; Horace Andy and the Spanish Owls (the latter two have been out of print for some time)

New: Tomorrow’s Machine Today #2

Coming soon: I am a Camera #15

Also, we’ve decided to start adding sample scans of inside pages of the zines we stock from now on, to give people a better idea of what they’re ordering. We try our best with the descriptions, but let’s face it, they’re not always much to go on. If we stock your zine and you object for any reason to us scanning pages to put on the interwebs please let us know and we’ll remove them pronto (we’ll only ever use one or two pages, depending on the size and format of your zine).

New stuff, new stuff!

Copies of The Church of Hysteria’s ‘Of a Photocopy‘ CD have arrived and are now in the catalogue.

Also: Sex Industry Apologist is finally up, after what I’m betting to be the most epic journey a zine has yet taken to arrive at our PO Box. Again, the description is still to come, but it’s a good ‘un.

We’re also about to place an order with Cindy Crabb to get more back issues of the wonderful Doris zine and Doris zine anthology, so, as usual, keep your eyes peeled for updates.

Further to our post below regarding the zine exo at Paper Plane gallery: the dates for the show are now confirmed on their website as 24th March – 3rd April, so get in touch with them if your interested in being involved. It’s all a bit mysterious, but intriguing…