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Kiss Off #14

Kiss Off

$2     A6     32p     19g

On the inside cover the author of this zine asserts that ‘Kiss Off is a punk rock fanzine’. It contains several references to being a gigs, but the five stories in this zine are more about the in-between parts of punk lifestyle, which tries to negotiate a space at once part of and apart from the rest of the ‘public’. The stories revolve around social interaction in the lead up and aftermath of Toronoto’s G20 protests. “It was such an overwhelming feeling of dislocation that lingered throughout the weeks that followed. When the bulletproof men and women and their shiny boots finally left the city, what was left behind? Everything felt rearranged after. What remained seemed to be extremes of emotion, insomnia, dizziness, loss of appetite, and panic…”



King-Cat #71


$4.50     A5     32p

King Kat is John Porcellino’s long running, simple, Zen-like comic. This issue from 2010 and contains a story about Jesus, A story titled ‘Portrait of the Artist as a Middle-Aged Dirt Bag’, a story about moving to Florida and of ‘Lost Denver’ and more. All the zines we stock come highly recommended, but this one is a classic. (In case you’re wondering why we’re charging more for these than the cover price, it’s to cover the cost of ‘importing’ them from the States.)



King-Cat #72


$4.50     A5     32p

“In mid-October of last year, I found myself at the lowest point of my life so far. My second marriage had ended, and in a desperate bid at a new start, I moved to, of all places, Florida.” Meditative, sad comics about, following the ‘thread of life’. This issue also contains one of John’s ‘top 40′ lists of favourite things…



King-Cat #73


$4.50     A5     32p

The bulk of this issue is taken up with a long story about trying to figure out what type of bird it was that John briefly glimpsed in the bushes. There’s also a partial ‘top 40′ list and a segment called ‘Spotlight On: Thirteen-Lined Ground Squirrel’.



Love Like Pop #10

Love like pop 10

$3     A7     48p

Description coming soon.



Love Like Pope #11

Love like pop 11

$2     A5     16p

Description coming soon.



Marrickville Pipes

$1     A6     32p     22g     Temporarily sold out

A typological survey of the drainpipes in a small area of Marrickville, Sydney. Now, that may sound about as scintillating as, well, a book about pipes, but it’s really not as bonkers as it seems. This isn’t your average poorly conceived ‘art zine’. The photocopied photographs have a great tonal quality, and there’s no text except for a short dedication. When you consider the rapid rate of gentrification in Sydney’s inner-west, simple studies such as this take on a real importance.



Mum Liked Her Tea in a Fine Bone China Cup

$7     A5 (with stitched vinyl cover)     8p     44g

This is Bertievan’s first ever zine, but you’d think she’s been making them her whole life if you didn’t know better. The zine is a short essay based on her mother’s handwritten diary from 1956. It’s housed in an elaborate slip case made of old wallpaper with an image from a recipe book sewn onto the cover.




FREE     A5     16p     22g

Mutiny was a collectively edited zine from Sydney that documented local and international anarchistic ideas and actions. It was inspirational for its content and its editors’ dedication: they released a new issue every month for over three years before reducing output to once every two months. As of February 2014 there are plans for one final issue of Mutiny before the project is put to rest. Take Care has a very limited number of back issues available – order now before they’re all gone, or check out the Mutiny archive on the Jura Books website if you’re after a particular issue.


Nearly Healthy

$3     A6     80p     53g    Temporarily out of stock

I have to admit that part of my inspiration for writing this zine was reading an issue of Brainscan and thinking: you know, I just want to write a zine that’s really chunky that you can’t read in one five-minute sitting. Nearly Healthy is about some of my experience with depression and anxiety, work and art, wanting to change the world and feeling that it’s impossible, and the inevitable questions that all these things generate. To quote Luke’s review on Broken Pencil (July 14 2010): “For me this zine is a masterpiece. It is difficult, heartbreaking, beautiful, wonderful, personal, revealing, at times hopeful and at times bleak. This is a really substantial, serious and important work of art.”



Old Memory

$3     15x15cm     44p     43g

Following on from Village Ghosts zine (see elsewhere in this catalogue), Old Memory is a collage zine collecting images of ruins and quotes from various bibliographic sources. These complement a series of short pieces of writing in which the (anonymous) author remembers some of the rooms that they grew up in. The tone, like Village Ghosts and the author’s other zines (A Fresh Trail of Paper, Swampland, Hole in the Ground, A Walk Around Pendle Hill etc) is melancholy and weighted with a sense of loss and nostalgia. The zine gets you thinking about the effects that time has on both memory and the physical landscape.



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