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YOU – the making of DVD

$25    4 disc DVD box set     163g

An individual copy of YOU is a humble thing, usually just a single page, photocopied letter folded up in a brown paper bag with the word YOU stamped on the front. But the work that goes into ensuring that an issue of YOU meets its weekly deadline is epic. This four DVD box set documents in real time the conception, construction and distribution of a single issue of YOU. It really brings home the fact that as well as being a zine YOU is a hugely complicated, multi-medium art project to blow your mind. It encompasses writing, printmaking, conceptual art, zine making and, as the DVD shows, endurance art.



Syd Terminal – Folklore


$4     CD-R     45g

Folklore is a CD of music composed on a computer using samples of songs from the original folk revival of the 1960s and 1970s. This music came out of research that Syd did into folk music, myths and traditions, which was also channeled into his zines Victoria, A Walk Around Pendle Hill and others. This CD comes in beautiful, laboriously hand-made packaging, with a wood-block printed cover and letterpress printed insert.



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