How to order

Ordering if you’re in Australia

Just click on the star-shaped ‘buy’ button beneath the zine you’re interested in. You’ll be redirected to paypal for payment, where you have the option to pay or keep looking at zines. There are view cart links at the bottom of each page in the catalogue so you can see what you’ve already bagged in paypal.

Ordering from outside Australia

If ordering from outside Australia, don’t use the paypal buttons. Instead, get yourself a pen and paper. Add up the total price of the zines you want plus their total weight (each zine is listed with its weight in grams – EDIT: Ok, some of them aren’t. We get very few inquiries for ordering outside Australia. If the zine you want doesn’t have its weight listed, email us and we’ll help). Use the guide below to calculate the postage. Send the total amount plus postage in Australian dollars via paypal to, listing the order details in the ‘note to merchant field’ (or in a separate email). Get in touch if you need help.

Postage Guide

New Zealand

  • 0-50g $1.75
  • 51-250g $4.50
  • 251-500g $9.75


  • 0-50g $1.85
  • 51-250g $4.65
  • 251-500g $11.15

Rest of the World

  • 0-50g $2.60
  • 51-250g $6.45
  • 251-500g $15.50