Many new zines

Love truth and honesty

I am very excited. We have so many great zines in stock at the moment. I just added a whole stack of new stuff to the catalogue and it’s all so frighteningly good. Full descriptions to come, but here’s what’s new and available to purchase right now:

  • Practice your French with Couteau en Plastique No10 (aka Plastic Knife #10), as translated by Giz Medium of Cheaptoys fame (issues of Cheaptoys also available, I might add, and also new in stock is Plastic Knife #12).
  • Five Postcards, a zine made to coincide with the Other Worlds zine fair, and written by Anwyn, who has not made a zine on her own for a long time. You know this is special.
  • Huffin’ Textas: A secret history of Dexter Fletcher. That’s Dexter Fletcher the mysterious Sydney based art gang of two. This zine is 10 000 (count ‘em) words of quality writing on teenage dreams, the Manic Street Preachers, the Mekons, machine breaking, the Miners’ Strike and more, written in a Jump Cuts collaborative style.
  • The Arrivals, a collection of excellent stories set in ‘disappearing towns’, by Shaun Prescott. You can read Shaun’s short story The Coffee Table in the most recent issue of Meanjin (as well as Tamara’s Walnuts, Almonds, Nuts, which we also stock in zine form!)
  • We have multiple issues of Piss Factory available, an infectiously enthusiastic rock ‘n’ roll fanzine.
  • Issue #17 of I am a Camera, Vanessa Berry’s long running zine, this time it’s all about her (and mine, and your’s maybe) hometown, Sydney. It is accompanied by three fold-out Risographed ‘touring maps’ that record a personal psychogeography of Sydney over roughly three decades.
  • Sing Me To Sleep: An annotated bibliography of sad boy songs is back in stock! And even better than that, there’s a second issue, titled Hello Sadness! These are truly wonderful zines that are not just about sadness but about the feeling in everything, including pop songs.
  • And um, oh my god: we have Love Truth and Honesty in stock. Do I need to tell you about this zine? Haven’t you heard about it? Paul’s zine about his fan relationship with Bananarama? Well, it’s been out of print for ages but now you can get it again, and the second issue, More Love Truth and Honesty, and for this you should be immensely grateful.
  • The Wolves at the Door. We have just a couple of issues of this zine that was made by some anarchists in Sydney in 2011. It is a bit out of date but there is a great interview with some of the then-editors of the now defunct Mutiny magazine plus other articles.
  • The Dream Libraries and Untitled by the zine maker who brought you such gems as Hole in the Ground, Village Ghosts and more. The Dream Libraries contains what it says on the box: a collection of short descriptions of imaginary libraries. Untitled is a dreamy, abstract collection of fragments of writing and quotes about cities, uprisings, landscapes and sites of memory.
  • The spade the spanner the work the worker is a new zine by me, Emma, based on an exhibition I had in the window of Sticky. You can see photos of the exhibition here. The zine’s verso pages are the images of Billy Casper that appeared in the window of Sticky facing into Degraves, and the recto pages are the collages, photocopier art and so forth that faced into the shop.
  • And finally, we have some zine lucky dips: please beware that each lucky dip contains slightly different things but there will be duplicates if you order more than one pack, and we can’t pick ‘n’ choose or tell you what’s in ‘em. It’s all up to luck.

Alright. Lots of zines. Lots of really excellent reads.

x Emma

Updates and new stuff

Descriptions (finally) updated. (One day we won’t have to add that ‘finally’):

  • Cheaptoys #11, 13 & 14
  • Come Back (home to me)
  • Flightpath
  • Love Like Pop #10 & 11
  • Sex Industry Apologist #1
  • The Collected Scathings of Ioana Poprowka
  • The Dream of Maxen

New zines, COMING SOON:

  • Piss Factory
  • The Wolves at the Door #2
  • Plastic Knife #10 & 12
  • Five Postcards
  • Love Truth and Honesty
  • More Love Truth and Honesty
  • Sing Me To Sleep and Hello Sadness: An Annotated Bibliography of Sad Boy Songs, Vol 1 & 2
  • Huffin’ Textas: A Secret History of Dexter Fletcher
  • I am a Camera #17
  • $5 zine lucky dip

Catalogue back online

Stock take is done and the catalogue pages are now viewable again. We’ve sold out of a lot of stuff that we’ll hopefully be able to get back in stock very soon – in the meantime please heed the ‘Temporarily sold out’ tags if you see ‘em. We’ve also got some great new zines to put up: back issues of ‘Love Truth and Honesty’, the latest edition of ‘I am a Camera’ and more. Very exciting, check back soon.



Sell out!

Thank you to everyone who came along to the Other Worlds zine fair today. We’re a bit overwhelmed by how successful the day turned out to be. We hope you had a good time. We got pretty cleaned out of stock so we’ve closed the mailorder temporarily until we’ve done a proper stock take. It’ll be open again soon with some new zines we picked up at the fair!

Plastic Knife w/ Piss Factory at Junior Gazette and Other Worlds Zine Fair


On 24 May join us for this free gig and the launch of Plastic Knife #12 at:

JUNIOR GAZETTE, Level 1/91 Railway Pde, Marrickville.

Zinesters with acoustic guitars!

Vegan snacks!

$1 cups of ginger beer!

Some new paintings by Emma D!


The OTHER WORLDS ZINE FAIR is happening in two weeks! For those who haven’t heard, Other Worlds was set up as an alternative to the MCA Zine Fair, which is happening on the same day. A few of us Sydney zinesters decided to boycott the MCA fair due to MCA’s relationship with a company called Transfield, who operate services in Australia’s offshore detention centres. These detention centres have been described as an “experiment in the active creation of horror to deter people from trying” [to seek asylum] in Australia. We don’t want our zines to have anything to do with a company that profits from this bad business. From a small group of individual zinesters we’re now a fifty table strong zine fair. We hope you can come, and help spread the word – the poster above was designed by Nicky Minus!