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Underground Fairylands


30x15cm (approx)     24p     $5     60g    

“I may not live above the ground, but deep inside a mountain…” An art zine of collages, drawings and text snippets that reference ‘underground’ worlds and the ways we figure things out: caves, libraries, books, self-publishing, imagination, intuition, magic and luck. The inside pages are photocopied (some in colour). The front cover is a two layer Gocco print on acid free paper. The title and text on the cover (and inside back page) were hand type-set and printed in magenta ink on the Sleepless Nights Press (an Adana 8×5 letterpress project run by Tim).



Underground Fairylands – Print


15x15cm (approx)     $2     5g

The cover of Underground Fairylands as a print. The image is a two layer Gocco print. The text was hand type-set and printed in magenta ink on the Sleepless Nights Press (an Adana 8×5 letterpress project run by Tim).






$2     A5     14p

“This work has to develop to the highest degree the art of citing without quotation marks. It’s theory is intimately related to that of montage.” This anonymous, untitled zine has two parts: printed on white paper are quotes from a variety of unnamed sources; printed on grey a series of annotated photographs of locations in Europe – mostly Paris – that have been sites of Revolution, or places where solitary, revolutionary ideas were thought. The zine suggests that a tour has been taken of both physical space and books in search of these sites of memory.



Village Ghosts

$3     15x15cm     28p plus foldout     36g  

“The ancient map-makers wrote across unexplored regions, ‘Here are lions.’ Across villages of fishermen and turners of the earth, so different are these from us, we can write but one line that is certain, ‘Here are ghosts.'” This is a photocopied, cut and paste zine which contains collage, photographs and archival images about memory, class consciousness, myth and history.



Walk So Differently

Walk so differently

$2.50     A5     32p     43g     Temporarily sold out

A choose your own adventure zine by Emma, Anwyn and Lou about their memories of growing up and/or moving to Sydney. They write about, among other things, gentrification, Black Rose Anarchist Bookshop/Library, political graffiti, protests, racism and Sting.



Walnuts, Almonds, Nuts


A5     18p     $3     25g

“We – Slavko and I – step out of the bar and onto the cobbled street. We are leaving behind us Gligor and his sudden temper and the chair he has just thrown against a wall and broken to pieces…” A surreal and moving story by Tamara, about spending a night in the company of a friend who, among other strange habits, has walnut and almond nut shells spread all over the floors of his apartment.



Well, That Was Weird


A5     16p     $3     25g

“My cousin-in-law, all he ever wanted to be was a bus-driver. But his dad, a migrant and a factory worker, had higher hopes. He wanted his son to go to university and become some kind of professional…” A collection of very short stories by Tamara Lazaroff, starting with the funny story of how her cousin-in-law fulfilled his dream of becoming a bus-driver.



Wild and Blue

Wild and blue

$1     A6     32p

Description coming soon.



World Without End

World without end

$2     A6     16p concertina fold     12g

A long concertina-folded zine  of collages, photocopier art and text snippets about composition and making things. The scan of this zine doesn’t do justice to the beautiful flouro-orange Gocco printed cover!




Free when purchasing other zines!

Every week since November 2001(!) YOU has hit the streets – the streets of Melbourne where it was born and streets all over the world. Always free and ostensibly anonymous, YOU is a photocopied letter addressed to you, tucked up and stapled, usually, into a paper bag. You won’t be charged for this, but hit ‘buy’ to add it to your loot. NB: if you would like us to send you an A4 envelope stuffed full of YOU, send $3.50 to our paypal address and we’ll send you as many copies as postage allows. If you are ordering from outside Australia and would like to do the same, check out the ‘how to order’ page for postage prices.



YOU: Some letters from the first five years

$25     13.4x19cm     80p     307g

Published by the exceptionally nice folk at Breakdown Press, this book contains, as elucidated in the title, some letters from the first five years of You zine. As Anna Poletti puts it in the blurb on the back, ‘You is local history; a story of local experiences. And it is real.’ Read just how much rockin’ out one person (and some guest writers) can do in five years.



 Zine Lucky Dip

zine  lucky dip


A random selection of clearance zines from the Take Care back catalogue. Each lucky dip contains on average 8 individual zines that would originally have sold for anywhere between $10-$20. Zines have been included in the lucky dip packs for a variety of reasons: it’s the last copy of something we can’t restock; it’s very old stock we’d like to clear out to make way for new zines; it has slight cosmetic damage such as a folded cover or rusted staples; it’s return stock that the zinester donated to us. Take a chance: there are some gems to be found, including perzines, comics, photozines and more. Each pack comes wrapped in an old poster from the Take Care archives.



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When is a zine not a zine? When it’s a book! But what if it’s a book that collects a huge array of samples from some of the year’s ‘best’ zines? Well, it’s still a book, but a very exciting one. Microcosm’s 9th zine yearbook is packed with heaps of fine zine excerpts and their authors’ contact details. Excellent to check out some of the zines you may have missed in 2009, this would also make a great introduction to the world of zines for the uninitiated (if, indeed, such a thing still exists.)