As promised, today we’ve done a lot of work on the catalogue, and site in general.

Most exciting: we now do international orders! If you’re ordering from outside Australia it’s now really easy, just refer to the postage charts when you’ve chosen what zines you want.

The following zines have just been added to the catalogue:

Fergus #23/Love Like Pop #7 split; Fergus #20; Disposable Camera (Slippery Dip); Village Ghosts; Come Back (home to me); Robot Etiquette; Ampersand After Ampersand #3; Tomorrow’s Machine Today #1

And the following have (finally) had their descriptions added:

Department of Forgiving; Chiaroscuro #4; Disposable Camera (Bunny); I Am My Cat’s Keeper; Nearly Healthy

Descriptions still to come:

I am a Camera #14

We’ve also updated the submissions page. Please check it out before you send us zine submissions. Thanks!