Greetings! To celebrate finishing my master’s thesis I have just added 17 new zines to the site! And my did it take a long time. Check it out:

Blue Floral Gusset; Cut & Paste #1; Emergency Poncho; Hugh; I am my Cat’s Keeper #2; Atom Bird #1; Love Like Pop #6; The Portable Self; Outshine the Sun; Metal Hearts; Rena Versus World; Rhetorical; Rink; The Portable Self; Still Looking for Junk; Strange: Seven Times with You; Teen Film Clichés and last but not least the mighty Tower of Journal.

That’s a lot of zines.

Also, June Graveyard and Sing Me to Sleep are back in stock, and meritorious as ever.

Stay tuned for descriptions, we’re still working on them. Apologies to folks who’ve been waiting for us to put their zines up. It’s been a hectic few months, but we’re on top of it now.

And finally, thanks to everyone who said hello, bought or gave us zines at the NGA zine fair, and to Elle and Luke at Sticky for organising it. We took some photos, but being the incorrigible luddites we are we used an actual film camera. As soon as they’re developed we’ll post some here.

That is all for now.

Yours drowning in zines,

Emma D