How damn exciting: checked the PO box today and the latest issue of Plastic Knife zine has arrived! Issue #6 is a split with Black Paint Gold Wire #8 and is, as usual, a lovely wedge of obscure ziney goodness: weird ideas for art projects/short films, apparently random clippings from trashy magazines and newspapers, scraps of things that look like they were picked up off the side of the road, all given an air of profundity by their purposeful placement within the sturdy, utilitarian covers of the zine. More ideas than you can shake a heavy-duty stapler at. We’ve only got 6 copies so get in quick (obviously, we can get more copies when we run out, but if I say that it doesn’t really convey the appropriate sense of urgency).

Ok, also exciting is the knowledge that any day now we could check the PO box and the following will be lying in wait for us:

Rhetorical #4 and Outshine the Sun #2 (more cut n paste, musical musings and scratchy pen drawing radness from Chiara), Indie Kids #1 (a comic poking fun at indie kids, possibly from the perspective of an indie kid – the author seems to know too much), The Church of Hysteria‘s new recording titled ‘Of a Photocopy’, feat. such luminaries as Lou Smith and a drummer called Pigfucker, Sex Industry Apologist (still), a whole stack of zines from Emma Jane Falconer, she who has stuff to do with the Brighton Zine Fair and writes the hilarious/wonderful Fanzine Ynfytyn, and finally, more copies/issue of Culture Slut from Amber in Canada which will take a while, unfortunately, but will surely be worth the wait!

In the meantime, get a copy of Plastic Knife #6, and remember, all orders receive a copy of the Take Care Zine Distro Zine for free.