Yesterday a stack of back issues of the wonderful Fanzine Ynfytyn arrived. Fanzine Ynfytyn is by UK zine maker, photographer and general doer of things Emma Jane Falconer. She writes light-hearted zines full of favourites lists, amusing anecdotes and gentle witticisms. Descriptions, as usual, will take a few days to get up, but in the meantime just believe us when we say they’re worth your time (as is Egeszsegedre!, another of Emma’s zines, about travelling to Hungary).

We’ve also added another page to the catalogue called ‘Other things to buy’ which is where, (you guessed it) things that aren’t zines will be relegated from now on, including Emma Jane Falconer’s haiku ode to Ernest Hemingway postcard and the Church of Hysteria’s CD and EP. We should say maybe that while we do want to keep the focus of the distro on zines, it being a zine distro and all, if you are a zine maker and happen to make something that you think might be of interest to us – things that started as zines and mutated into something else, very DIY music projects etc – do consider getting in touch if you’re looking for distribution.

Likewise, if you have or know of any upcoming zine related events or call-outs and would like us to advertise them on this here blog we’re very happy to, just get in touch: