If you browse our catalogue you will notice that a lot of zines are marked ‘sold out’ in bold, alarming orange. That’s because we got pretty cleared out at yesterday’s zine fair in Canberra. We’re even running low on zines we got so recently that we haven’t been able to add descriptions to their catalogue listings yet. Thanks to everyone who came along, and to the organisers, and to people who stayed for a chat. It was a good day indeed.

So, we don’t know how long it will take to get the stuff we’ve sold out of restocked, or how many of them we’ll be able to get back in stock at all, so please bear with us and the ‘sold out’ labels while we figure that out: communication within the zine world, as you’re probably aware, is refreshingly slow paced and haphazard, so it could take a while. But we still have plenty of stuff to take to next month’s fair at the MCA (of which more later), so all’s good.

More soon…