Some shots of our table at the Canberra fair…

Tim successfully avoids being photographed, just after set up in Gorman house.

Later, some of the gallery staff came and took away a number of the tables, which they had apparently filched from somewhere without permission and had to return. The empty table next to us was reserved for Bird in the Hand distro, who did not, unfortunately, materialise. Presumably Susy learned that she’d be seated next to us and, aware of our legendary pugnacity (or perhaps pungency), decided against it.

In case you were wondering what goes on behind the table at a zine fair (legs and boxes/ bags of crap).

Later in the afternoon, Tim discovered that Emma’s scarf could be fashioned into a something not unlike an amusing, woollen breast.

Which, with slight alteration, could be turned into a serviceable, almost Taitlinesque, new hat for Emma. Note bags under eyes, result of waking up at 5 in the morning to get to Canberra in time for zine fair. The things we do for you, honestly.

We left shortly after this photo was taken, for reasons that are probably obvious.

Thanks again to everyone who came!