Hello! Thanks to everyone who came and visited us at our MCA stall last Sunday. We had good time – it was much more relaxed than previous years have been. We have just spent the evening sorting out roughly the last 6 months worth of consignments, which are hopefully all in order now. We have an exciting number of new zines to add to the catalogue – upwards of twenty, including, off the top of our heads: a whole stack of stuff from Vanessa Berry, radical parenting zine Building Blocks, about five issues of UK perzine Your Pretty Face is going Straight to Hell, the third issue of Licky la Grim’s excellent Gloryhole Baby, Thank You for Your Love by Bastian Fox Phelan, a zine about reggae and Jamaican pop culture called Rice & Peas and moooore… Heaps more, in fact. Which is good, cuz the catalogue’s looking a little sparse at the moment, so thank you everyone who has sent us submissions or has acquiesced to our requests to stock their zines over the last month or so. Obviously it’s going to take us a while to get all this new stuff up – we’re hoping to do a few every night over the next few weeks, so keep your eye out cuz there are some mighty fine zines coming.