Our more eagle eyed followers will remember reading a post earlier in the year in which we stated our resolution to stop being the biggest pikers in zinedom and attend as many zine fairs as possible in 2014. We accordingly pencilled Brisbane’s Zine and Indie Comics Emporium into our diary, then wrote over the pencil in Biro – yes, Biro. Such was our determination to attend. You’ve guessed by now that I’m writing this in way of apology – turns out we can’t make ZICS this year. But we admire the huge collective effort that them Brisbane folks put into it. Hopefully we’ll make it next time, and hopefully YOU can make it this time! Here’s a blurb they sent us, to inspire you:

“Now in its second year, The Zine and Independent Comic Symposium, or ZICS, is a three day event run in the last weekend of August (29th-31st). Held less than 100m away from the Culture Centre Bus Station, The Edge will once again play host to this unique experience.

Featuring workshops, discussion panels, live music, and a space for zine and comic artists to present their work, this event had over 2000 people last time, and this year is on track to be even bigger! The enthusiastic reception of ZICS last year proved that Brisbane is hungry for more events like this, and we’re ready to give it to them!

The event kicks off on Friday night with a ticketed launch event with competitions, guest speakers, an affordable bar, and live music to help kick off the event in style!

The rest of the weekend will be free entry to the public, and there will be plenty of activities to get involved with. There will be workshops on topics like ‘intro to screenprinting’, plus engaging panel conversations covering a range of topics from ‘representation in the medium’ to ‘how to pay the bills’. And, there will be the Comic and Zine marketplace, where local and interstate creators will be distributing and trade their works.

ZICS is a not for profit community collective, all run by passionate volunteers. ZICS has launched a Pozible campaign to help cover costs, which can be viewed at http://www.pozible.com/zics14, so come and get your tickets now! More info at https://www.facebook.com/ZICSymposium”