New mail order site

Well, long time no blog update! We’ve been rebuilding our mail order site, and it’s now ready for your perusal:

This website is built by us in Adobe Muse, and it’s a work in progress. Rather than put everything we have in stock up all at once – which would be incredibly time consuming – we’re adding things gradually on a weekly or fortnightly basis. You’ll find entirely new zines as well as Take Care staples like Huffin’ Textas, The Refugee Art Project zines, and of course free zines, which now have a page all to themselves! The free zines are by far the most popular items that we stock, and we have no problem with that! Our mission is to distribute zines that are conceptually rich and exciting and if they happen to be free then all the better! So yep, check out the Free zines page, if you order you’ll just have to pay for postage.


Oh yeah, and happy 2017! Make sure you follow us on Facebook and Instagram too, for regular updates!


Yeah we do more costume changes than Lady Diana…

We’ve deleted our BigCartel mail order site as it was getting a bit expensive for our needs. But we have a brand new site under construction, and we’ll share the URL just as soon as its looking presentable.

In the meantime you can catch us at the Noted Independent Publishing Fair in Canberra in a couple of weeks!

Sunday 20 March

Gorman Arts Centre, 55 Ainslie Avenue, Braddon ACT

10AM – 3PM

A Voice



‘A Voice’ is a new zine from Sydney Exploratory Society. It completes a trio of zines that began with ‘Village Ghosts’ and ‘Old Memory’, and, like those zines, is a semi-fictional narrative constructed out of fragments of images and text, about memory, immigrant experience, disappearances, loss and love.

It’s nearly xmas

Which means it’s nearly the 6 year anniversary of Take Care! In the lead up to the new year we’ll be announcing a lot of little giveaways and posting up some things from our archive. Here’s a couple of announcements we made to Facebook and Instagram a few days ago…follow us at or takecarezinedistro on Instagram.


The next three orders of ‘Huffin’ Textas’, a zine by Sydney based art gang of two Dexter Fletcher, will receive a mini DF merch pack inspired by Jarvis Cocker, for free. It includes a risographed poster, gocco printed postcode and two colour ‘What Would Jarvis Do?’ pin-back badge. This offer is to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Pulp’s magnificent album Different Class.

Find ‘Huffin’ Textas’ on the Take Care site here.


Also, an xmas gift idea for broke zinesters: you can have an envelope stuffed full of YOU zine posted to you anywhere in the world, and you just have to pay for the postage! In Australia that’s just $1.50. We’ll chuck in some other free zines too, including the excellent ‘Friday Night in West Ealing.’ Have it sent to yourself or order one as a gift – just leave instructions for us when you check out of PayPal, and we’ll make sure it’s packaged up nicely!


Verdun, Tomorrow’s Machine Today, We don’t talk about love, Cheaptoys and more

guest informant003

Hi zine friends, have just added the following to the shop:

  • Verdun and Cheaptoys #16 from Giz
  • Tomorrow’s Machine Today #4 from Emma D, and Guest Informant #1 from Emma D and Luke You
  • More copies of the excellent We don’t talk about love we only wanna get drunk, and a zine about making Cheap Cocktails for fundraiser bars, from Lou

And a little white ago we updated the shop with:

  • A new issue of Plastic Knife
  • Self-Conscious Selfishness, a beautiful comic from Alice Kazam
  • Secret World, a found poem by Emma D

And A walk Around Pendle Hill and Tomorrow’s Machine Today #2 are back in stock!

You can also buy You Need To Practice More recordings directly from the Take Care site. YNTPM is a mini record label releasing bedroom recordings, rough takes and other interesting and experimental music.