Yeah we do more costume changes than Lady Diana…

We’ve deleted our BigCartel mail order site as it was getting a bit expensive for our needs. But we have a brand new site under construction, and we’ll share the URL just as soon as its looking presentable.

In the meantime you can catch us at the Noted Independent Publishing Fair in Canberra in a couple of weeks!

Sunday 20 March

Gorman Arts Centre, 55 Ainslie Avenue, Braddon ACT

10AM – 3PM

A Voice



‘A Voice’ is a new zine from Sydney Exploratory Society. It completes a trio of zines that began with ‘Village Ghosts’ and ‘Old Memory’, and, like those zines, is a semi-fictional narrative constructed out of fragments of images and text, about memory, immigrant experience, disappearances, loss and love.

Verdun, Tomorrow’s Machine Today, We don’t talk about love, Cheaptoys and more

guest informant003

Hi zine friends, have just added the following to the shop:

  • Verdun and Cheaptoys #16 from Giz
  • Tomorrow’s Machine Today #4 from Emma D, and Guest Informant #1 from Emma D and Luke You
  • More copies of the excellent We don’t talk about love we only wanna get drunk, and a zine about making Cheap Cocktails for fundraiser bars, from Lou

And a little white ago we updated the shop with:

  • A new issue of Plastic Knife
  • Self-Conscious Selfishness, a beautiful comic from Alice Kazam
  • Secret World, a found poem by Emma D

And A walk Around Pendle Hill and Tomorrow’s Machine Today #2 are back in stock!

You can also buy You Need To Practice More recordings directly from the Take Care site. YNTPM is a mini record label releasing bedroom recordings, rough takes and other interesting and experimental music.

Other Worlds 2015


It’s happening again! Do as the the flyer says, save the date(s), and apply for a table by filling in this form by 22 March!

Also, I’ve done a quick tidy up of the mail order. All of the Refugee Art Project zines are now BACK IN STOCK. Probably won’t be long until they sell out again, so get in quick if you’ve been hanging out for them.

We had a fantastique time at Festival of the Photocopier in February, too. Giant thanks to our friends at Sticky for all their efforts. Here’s a shot of some of the zines I picked up at the fair:


Happy new year + the zines never end

newport dolls undermilk_cv

Happy new year! Here’s the cover of one of the beautiful zines we just added to the mail order site! It’s The Newport Doll’s new(ish) zine/album. The Newport Dolls are one of our favourite bands, from Melbourne. You should check out their stuff, starting with this.

Also new in stock we have:

  • Social Carbon Copy (South-East Asian, punk-rock tour diary)
  • Whorepobia (zine on the titular subject, all proceeds to Scarlett Alliance)
  • From What I’ve Read Of Yours So Far, It Sounds Like Every Man In Macedonia Hit On You, Lezbianka and The Menkas (three new zines by Tamara Lazaroff)
  • Tales of Hobartian Life (reprint of a classic comic by Leigh Rigozzi)
  • Fulsome Prism #6/YOU split (a split zine featuring a tribute album dedicated to Prince’s Purple Rain)

Back in stock we have:

  • Careers in Retail
  • Tonight, Everybody in the Street!
  • Well, That Was Weird
  • Sex Industry Apologist #1 and #2
  • Walnuts, Almonds, Nuts

And there will, no doubt, be more to come!

Zen and the art of zine distro maintainence + Waterloo Zine Fair

Hello, finally found the time and head-space to do a bit of long overdue shop-site retuning. We have added descriptions to some of the zines that have been languishing, undescribed, for the past month, including the Refugee Art Project Zines, The Good Son, I am a Camera #17, La Petite Mort, The Time You Were in Paris and The Nostalgia Prescription.

The aim is to have all the descriptions updated before adding any more new zines, of which, as aforementioned, we have many. And many and many.

While I’m here, let me tell you that we will be at this zine fair, next weekend!


Organised by the City of Sydney with the aid of the estimable Nicholas Beckett, we hope to see you there!