Verdun, Tomorrow’s Machine Today, We don’t talk about love, Cheaptoys and more

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Hi zine friends, have just added the following to the shop:

  • Verdun and Cheaptoys #16 from Giz
  • Tomorrow’s Machine Today #4 from Emma D, and Guest Informant #1 from Emma D and Luke You
  • More copies of the excellent We don’t talk about love we only wanna get drunk, and a zine about making Cheap Cocktails for fundraiser bars, from Lou

And a little white ago we updated the shop with:

  • A new issue of Plastic Knife
  • Self-Conscious Selfishness, a beautiful comic from Alice Kazam
  • Secret World, a found poem by Emma D

And A walk Around Pendle Hill and Tomorrow’s Machine Today #2 are back in stock!

You can also buy You Need To Practice More recordings directly from the Take Care site. YNTPM is a mini record label releasing bedroom recordings, rough takes and other interesting and experimental music.