As promised, new titles


New in stock today:

  • Omnia Sunt Communia (image above). A new comic about class and colonisation by Emma D
  • Little Rituals. A tiny but powerful zine about rituals, magic and self care by Miss Helen
  • Careers in Retail badge sets. Bulk badge set by notorious art recalcitrants Dexter Fletcher
  • Sissy Blvd. Mini queer comic anthology from four of your fav famous Melbourne comix peeps
  • Saying Goodbye in the Rain. Mekons inspired writing from Emma and Tim, of Take Care (yeah, us!)
  • I Wear Your Clothes Like Armour. New collaborative zine about Throwing Muses from Vanessa and Chiara
  • Thomas the Human Photocopier. User manual for the world’s sweetest photocopier
  • This is Water. A2 size risographed comic poster by Katie Parrish

and last but certainly not least: Love Truth and Honesty: Chorus Fade Out.The third and final instalment of Pablo’s brilliant zine on Bananarama and fandom. Let’s hope there’s a comeback edition…

New Zines! New Year?

Hello again! We’ve just added a few new zines to the site as promised.

Love letters to monsters #3/Alabama grrrl #9, Ladybeard (back in stock), Ladybeard #2: Transhairstorical, Bangor

While I’m at it, apologies to anyone who trekked out to Earlwood on the weekend hoping to catch us at the DIY Market. We had to cancel at the last minute due to the aforementioned crisis.

Now on a more positive note Little Boy (see below) has been working hard putting together a list of his favourite zines for 2010. You can check it out here.

Once again a BIG thank you to everyone who wrote us letters or emails  throughout the year, we really appreciate the effort you guys have made in getting in contact. And it’s been really great meeting folks through correspondance or zine fairs. Hopefully we’ll see some of you again in 2011. And lastly thank you to everyone whose zines we stock. We love you. See you in the new year!

Greetings! To celebrate finishing my master’s thesis I have just added 17 new zines to the site! And my did it take a long time. Check it out:

Blue Floral Gusset; Cut & Paste #1; Emergency Poncho; Hugh; I am my Cat’s Keeper #2; Atom Bird #1; Love Like Pop #6; The Portable Self; Outshine the Sun; Metal Hearts; Rena Versus World; Rhetorical; Rink; The Portable Self; Still Looking for Junk; Strange: Seven Times with You; Teen Film Clichés and last but not least the mighty Tower of Journal.

That’s a lot of zines.

Also, June Graveyard and Sing Me to Sleep are back in stock, and meritorious as ever.

Stay tuned for descriptions, we’re still working on them. Apologies to folks who’ve been waiting for us to put their zines up. It’s been a hectic few months, but we’re on top of it now.

And finally, thanks to everyone who said hello, bought or gave us zines at the NGA zine fair, and to Elle and Luke at Sticky for organising it. We took some photos, but being the incorrigible luddites we are we used an actual film camera. As soon as they’re developed we’ll post some here.

That is all for now.

Yours drowning in zines,

Emma D


As promised, today we’ve done a lot of work on the catalogue, and site in general.

Most exciting: we now do international orders! If you’re ordering from outside Australia it’s now really easy, just refer to the postage charts when you’ve chosen what zines you want.

The following zines have just been added to the catalogue:

Fergus #23/Love Like Pop #7 split; Fergus #20; Disposable Camera (Slippery Dip); Village Ghosts; Come Back (home to me); Robot Etiquette; Ampersand After Ampersand #3; Tomorrow’s Machine Today #1

And the following have (finally) had their descriptions added:

Department of Forgiving; Chiaroscuro #4; Disposable Camera (Bunny); I Am My Cat’s Keeper; Nearly Healthy

Descriptions still to come:

I am a Camera #14

We’ve also updated the submissions page. Please check it out before you send us zine submissions. Thanks!