Tidy up, new zines forthcoming and why we’re not going to the MCA zine fair

We have A LOT of new stock to add to the catalogue, so in preparation I’ve just done a quick tidy up of the site.

Back in stock we have:

  • Taking Things Too Far (consistently the most popular thing on our table at zine fairs, with good reason)
  • Well, That Was Weird (Tamara’s ace collection of short, short stories)
  • Underground Fairylands (Emma’s laborious/elaborate letterpress/collage found poetry thing/zine)


  • Many issues of Plastic Knife, including the latest, which is an album
  • Many issues of Piss Factory, including the latest, which is not an album but is (as always) about music
  • Three issues of Cheap Toys
  • Two issues of Love Like Pop
  • The Dream of Maxen

Thanks to everyone who came and visited us at our last open day at Junior Gazette. The day was a great success and we’ll be planning more open days this year, keep your eyes peeled. We took some photos of the space as it was set up, including Syd Terminal’s collages that were on display, so when we get around to it we’ll put them up.

Thanks also to Luke, Thomas and everyone in Melbourne who helped put on and who attended the Festival of the Photocopier at the beginning of the month! It was an extremely hot weekend in Melbourne – fortunately zines are really cool, right? Haw haw. Anyway, we were really pleased that we could finally make it down for the Fest. Can’t wait for next year.

On a more serious note before I sign off, you may have heard that the MCA has done the call-out for their zine fair this year at the end of May. Take Care has decided not to participate in this year’s fair, due to sponsorship connections the MCA has with a finance conglomerate called Transfield.  Transfield run the service contracts in the detention camps on Manus Island and Nauru. Some of you may be aware that there is currently a campaign underway to boycott the upcoming Sydney Biennale due to its ties with Transfield. We support this boycott and calls for organisations and individuals to disvest their financial interests with Transfield and any other company that profits from the human misery – and murder – produced by the conditions in the camps. As such, we feel that we can’t be involved with the MCA fair this year, either, unless they suddenly cease to have a relationship with Transfield. That would only happen if we make some noise about it. So we encourage others to read up on this issue, and to join us in a boycott. The Crossborder Operational Matters site has a lot of valuable information on it about Transfield’s relationship with the arts. The RISE (Refugees, Survivors and Ex-Detainees) site has a statement on the Biennale boycott.

x Emma